What is coworking and how can it help you

Coworking is a form of work that spread rapidly among freelancers in the U.S. and is expanding in Europe and Spain.

Coworking is considered to be a practice in which professionals or digital nomads from different sectors are located in the same place to work. In this way, in addition to reducing costs in rent and services, synergies can be generated between them.

However, a distinction must be made between the practice of coworking and coworking space. On one hand, practice is the way of working in a place or office where several professionals are located. Coworking space, on the other hand, or often called coworking space directly, is that physical space that serves as offices for everyone and also usually provides other services.

A coworking space is intended to deal with the loneliness of work, and of course, reduce the bills of expenses, since it is possible to get a workspace (usually in a central location or business environment) for a reasonable price and with all the amenities.

Even more, these locations have a better competitive infrastructure than a single person could have at home. In these spaces you can find meeting rooms to receive customers or suppliers, printers, scanners, high-speed internet, or package pickup service, among others.

In addition, in these shared offices, the space and decoration is intended to be somewhat «unique», avoiding the typical traditional office furniture. The aim is to achieve a multifunctional place where other types of cultural activities can be carried out.

Coworking as an activity is targeted to freelancers who need a job to leave their home and go to an office. Just walking into an office and saying «good morning» to other people is already rewarding. However, there are many SMEs that find it interesting to carry out their professional activities in shared spaces, as they are surrounded by a good atmosphere. These spaces cover the needs of having a low-cost office in an emblematic area with all the comforts (cleaning included, free or very cheap printing, high-speed internet, etc.).

Another benefit of this new way of working is the freedom it generates. There are usually no long-term contracts, no time-consuming rental contracts, and no ties. If you decide to leave stop using the coworking services, probably you will not have problems. It is easy to find digital nomads who travel around the world working and carry only laptops on these offices.

In short, a clear win-win model since mutual benefits are created. The coworkers bring new economic activity and these spaces become a focus for employment, innovation and trigger social movement wherever these shared offices are located.

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